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ACN& Co Certified Public Accountants and Registered Auditors (ACN & Co) is an Exclusive Correspondent of the PKF family, a network of independent correspondent and member firms. ACN & Co is an accountancy firm with its headquarter in Buea, South West Region of Cameroon. It was created in November 2012 but it effectively went into operations from the 1st of January 2013.

We provide accounting and professional services to companies and governments of OHADA Treaty Countries in the Economic Community of Central African States (ECCAS) with its French acronym CEEAC, made up of Cameroon, the Republic of Congo, Chad, Central Africa Republic, Gabon and Equatorial Guinea (CEMAC) and  DR Congo. In addition to providing the traditional accounting services like audits, tax advisory services and business consultancy, we have created simple and affordable business solutions for companies; more especially for small and medium sized companies who may otherwise not benefit from quality professional services due to their size and limited resources. This we are able to do with a team of young and highly qualified and talented professionals, who with innovative ideas, are able to provide the much needed know-how in our field of competence to achieve the long term goals of the various stakeholders.

Our commitment to quality caught the attention of PKF International, a world class network of accountants and advisor firm. ACN & Co became an Exclusive Correspondent in 2017 covering the CEMAC countries (Cameroon, Gabon, Central Africa Republic, Congo Brazzaville, Chad and Equatorial Guinea) and the DRC. ACN & Co although relatively young, is one of the fastest growing firms in Cameroon and the CEMAC region. The firm is also well reputed for training of middle level and qualified professional accountants. Further, it assists those who are already experienced in the profession to enhance their skills enabling them to move forward in their expertise.


Our mission is to assist in implementing Government policies and to facilitate, accompany and transform private businesses in Cameroon, Central Africa monetary Union (CEMAC) and Africa as a whole.


  • We assist in the start-up process for new companies. We ensure the proper registration of companies by making sure that they take advantage of all regulatory and fiscal incentives being put in place by governments to encourage investments.
  • We work with our clients of various sizes and industries to identify the various opportunities open to them to provide them with high quality advisory services; be it financial, regulatory, legal or fiscal services.


  • New Businesses
    We lay you a solid foundation for corporate governance through the provision of procedure manuals, setting up of robust internal controls, start up your  accounting departments and provide you with accurate financials for regulatory and management purposes.
  • Existing Businesses:
    We review your current operations to identify your current needs. We provide you services that will move you to a high level of corporate governance and provide you with accurate management reports that will enable timely and accurate decision making and high performance.
  • We train your employees not only on the most up to date technical skills but also give the right attitude toward achieving set goals and objectives and give them efficient office effectiveness tools.


  • For those who understand our business environment well, there are so many underperforming businesses. These are viable businesses that are just not achieving the right performance level. The following are usually the main reason for this:
  • The business does not have the right structure;
  • Assets are not fully utilized
  • Slow decision making process.
  • Employees are not the right fit.
  • The type of funding is not the best and too expensive for the company etc.

We assist to simplify and provide you with services that will turn your businesses around.


Our vision is to serve our customer to the extent that we become permanent business partners.


Service, Sacrifice, success.